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Conversational Course for Intermediate Learners


About Conversational Course for Intermediate Learners

Introducing our conversational course, specifically designed for intermediate learners. If you have a solid understanding of grammar, can comprehend and read texts in Croatian, and watch videos, but still lack confidence in speaking, this course is perfect for you. Our goal is to help you expand your vocabulary and become more confident in speaking Croatian.

Throughout the course, we will discuss interesting and current topics every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30 to 7:30 PM, in carefully planned lessons within a relaxed atmosphere. This setting is ideal for those looking to improve their conversational skills in a supportive and engaging environment.

START DATE: September

If you're unsure whether your knowledge of Croatian is good enough for this course, feel free to contact us and we'll organize a brief testing session via Zoom.

Osjećaji i navike

In the first week students watch a funny video about a girl who feels different emotions and learn adjectives to describe feelings. Students also get plenty of opportunities to speak about how they feel in different situations. In the second lesson they will talk about their habits and  discuss how to grow new and healthy habits.


Koliko si masterchef od 1 do 10?

In the second week, we'll delve into discussions about our culinary skills. Students will be introduced to advanced vocabulary concerning cooking techniques, ingredients, and kitchen utensils. Additionally, they will share their experiences with cooking and discuss their favorite recipes. We will also watch a video with a renowned Croatian chef to learn terminology commonly found in recipes.


Vrijeme je za kavu!

In the third week students learn and practise vocabulary related to cafés, talk about their personal experiences and preferences related to hot drinks, analyse the cafés from the article. Students will also watch a video about coffee culture and discuss coffee culture in Croatia and compare it to coffee culture in other countries.


Generacijske razlike

In the fourth week, students will discuss stereotypes related to different generations. They will talk about people they know and how they behave in various situations. Additionally, students will watch a comedy video on how different generations act in the workplace and speculate on how the youngest generation will behave in different areas of life.





Conversational Course for Intermediate Learners


max. 7 students per group
Tue and Thu 18:30 - 19:30
8 (1 lesson=60 minutes)


When scheduling your lesson, please note that we are in the Zagreb time zone!

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